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Para Tecla y Vihuela
Edition and transcription of works by Antonio de Cabezón
Luis Milán, Alonso Mudarra and Matthias Werrecore
by Evangelina Mascardi and Maurizio Croci
HEMU – Haute École de Musique, Fribourg (CH)

The edition provides examples of adaptations for the two instruments of a number of pieces by Cabezón and of our transcription of the second part of Werrecore’s Batalia, as well as, drawing on what is effectively a vast common repertoire, of three solo pieces adapted to the technical and idiomatic characteristics of one or the other instrument.

Mascardi Croci  


Since November 2023 Evangelina Mascardi is teaching Lute at the Conservatorio di Musica "Santa Cecilia" in Rome (Italy).

Concert proposals

Johann Sebastian Bach Recital, baroque lute
Sylvius Leopold Weiss Recital, baroque lute
Para Tecla y Vihuela, with Maurizio Croci
Evangelina's Lutebook, renaissance lute
Un solo camino, with Lincoln Almada

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