Despite more than a hundred years of study, the seven compositions of Johann Sebastian Bach, generally called works for lute, do not seem to want to fully reveal the secret of their creation,

Bachlut 995their real instrumental purpose and the decidedly abstract conception of the instrument. The mystery did not alienate the performers from these compositions, which Bach did not compile in a single cycle as is the case with works for violin and solo cello, and may have made them even more stimulating. There are times when we have to face the unknown to discover or define who we are. Evangelina Mascardi has achieved it with this extraordinary recording, which in addition is the first female recording of Bach’s complete Lute works, also writes an important new page of interpretation, the fruit of artistic maturity, critical rethinking and original instrumental research.


Recital J.S. Bach
Evangelina Mascardi
baroque lute 13 course by Cezar Mateus, New Jersey 2007


Sylvius Leopold Weiss (1686-1750)
Prelude, Fugue, Ciacciona in E flat major

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
Partita in c minor BWV 997
Prelude, Fuga, Sarabande, Gigue et Double


Suite in E major BWV 1006a
Prelude, Loure, Gavotte in Rondeaux,
Menuet I et II, Bourrée, Gigue